Monday, October 29, 2012

Budget Update as of October

We should take a look at a more recently updated budget.  Since our most recent budget we've cut our cable.  We no longer get cable TV instead opting for Netflix.  We have our most recent spending/budget:

Fast Food: $225
Groceries: $105
Restaurants: $122
Vacation: $171
Gifts: $70
Electronics and Software: $0
Rent: $350
Movies: $20
Internet: $11
TV: $0
Cell Phone: $97
Gas: $98
Automobile Depreciation: $50
Car Service: $50
Utilities: $16
Furnishings: $10
Home Improvement: $10
Home Supplies: $10
Clothing: $0
Books: $40
Sporting Goods: $45
Others: $162

$1662 in spending.
$2235 in income.

573 in savings

This compares to our previous spending at the start of this of $1464.

We've had some budget creep here as income has increased.  Our spending has increased by about $200.  Part of this is attributable to a $50 monthly contribution against the depreciation of my car as well as an amoritization of a car repair bill.  Additionally, I've had a one time fee of $162.  This has all been partially offset by reductions in some of my home improvement, supplies, clothing and especially electronics.  Mostly I had built up enough of a reserve to stop contributing or slow down the contributions.

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