Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I'm heading out to New Orleans this week for Mardi Gras. (Taking too many vacations is a big part of my plan. So rather than more math I'm going to talk a little about tutoring.)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Savings adjustments

$550 is too much for one person to spend on food. This works out to about $18 per day. I eat out about 60-80% of the time. I think that I may be able to cut this to $50 a week by eating in nearly exclusively. This will save me about $300 to $350 per month. That money can go toward my savings and investment. When I change my starting point for monthly investment to $700 from $400 it makes some significant changes to the time profile of my investment. For example I only need to raise my monthly investment by about $43 every month rather than $47. Additionally, it reduces the maximum amount I need to invest to $3275.48. This maximum investment also happens 8 months earlier after 134 months of investing. This will happen in March of 2023. This of course motivated me to get curious about different methods for figuring out how much I should contribute.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Preparation is key

Last week I posted about the magic card selling concept I had. What I didn’t mention is that I had this idea months ago, but I hadn’t taken a look at the economics of it. Then when the opportunity came up I went home and worked on it. It took me some time to put together exactly what I needed to charge. I called a couple other singles shops to figure out what they’re monthly revenue from magic singles sales were and did a Du Pont analysis to figure out whether what I was doing made financial sense.