Monday, October 29, 2012

Budget Update as of October

We should take a look at a more recently updated budget.  Since our most recent budget we've cut our cable.  We no longer get cable TV instead opting for Netflix.  We have our most recent spending/budget:

Friday, October 26, 2012

Year 24 update

Hi all,

Apparently there exist people who have actually looked at this blog.  Now I of course feel terribly terribly guilty about not posting more.  (Could it be that in fact I am the least interesting man in the world, as it is in fact true that I used to be able to speak German.  Does that make me more or less interesting than Monroe's fellow?)  Anyway we passed over my Birthday recently.  I'm now 24, that means I've only got 16 years left to make it to a million dollars.  Fortunately the problem is also significantly easier than I originally surmised.  Oh man are you guys about to have your minds blown.  I have 3 websites that you need to run off and read the entirety of.  These basically set the framework.  They are:

While they have somewhat divergent results with Kennon becoming rich, Jacob of ere becoming independent, and Mr. Money Mustache becoming upper-middle class retired.  The common thread is that they all basically agree on how to get started. That is ultra-frugality.  Turns out Richest Man in Babylon had it right the whole time.  Without making a dime more I could apparently retire in 5 years (though I should mention I got a raise), if I could cut expenses down so that I was only spending 20% of my income.  (Important note: I so far have not done this). So this is our starting point.  From here on I'm going to assume familiarity with the above.