Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Sometimes opportunities drop into your lap when you least expect them to. For at least a decade I’ve played the trading card game “Magic: the Gathering”. I played it with my friends early in middle school. I picked it back up early in high school, and started going to tournaments. Then, I started playing again early in college. It seems I’m on a 4 year loop with this game as I started playing again at the end of this past summer. Anyway when I picked up the game again I didn’t really want to make a significant investment and thought that it’d probably be a good time to sell off the 5K+ or so cards that I had accumulated. I was able to sell most of what I had that I wasn’t using for about a total of $500. I still have more cards that I’m using that I could probably sell to stores or other resellers for about $200.

January Results

For January here is the result of my budget:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Candy Machines

If you google passive income you’ll find several articles, largely they spout identical advice.  Real-Estate, Invest (stocks/bonds), Peer to peer lending.  The trouble is that these are capital intensive.  Many of them make suggestions for less capital intensive projects, but they are mostly related.  One common suggestion is rental unit management where you convince rental unit owners to let you manage their property for a portion of the rental unit income.  Unless you have some compelling skills or experience in the area, its not really something you can just pick up.  If you can also convince people to let you manage their  investments, this works too.  (There may be some legal hurdles for both of these things).

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to be a millionaire by forty

I'm 23 (and a half) and I took a look at some arithmetic and found that with thrift, becoming a millionaire just isn't that hard. Over the course of this blog I'm going outline exactly how I make a million dollars. I will keep as much detail as possible in my attempts to make money. Insomuch as I can maintain my privacy (and make sure none of my ideas get scooped) I'll explain my business ventures, budget, investments, and savings plan.